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Journeys Assisted Travel Trip Schedule


21-22                Happy Together 60s concert (Beach)                     2 Day/1 Night
30-31                Mariners vs. Houston                                               2 Day/1 Night

11-14               Crater Lake                                                                 4 Day/3 Night
17-19               Mariners vs. LA Dodgers                                        3 Day/2 Night
31                    Rod Stewart/Cyndi Lauper concert                       1 Day


7-9                   Mariners vs. NY                                                          3 Day/2 Night
12-16               Disneyland                                                                  5 Day/4 Night
​26-27               Mariners vs. Texas                                                     2 Day/1 Night
28-30               Journey/Def Leppard George, WA                           3 Day/2 Night

* Most of the trips mentioned here are only suggestions. Remember, if you don't see anything you like ... we do customize!

* Reserve your spot early for upcoming events:

KAUAI in October